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Yakuza 5 News

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Yakuza 5 – Gameplay – PS3 – HD

Here’s quick gameplay video for Yakuza 5 on the Playstation 3. You can get the game on the Playstation Network Store for $39.99.

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Playing Yakuza 5 Part 4: Lost Dream

Today we’re playing the best part of Yakuza 5, the bit where they just decided to write a masterpiece because why not! We join Shinada in Kiniecho, a down on his luck former pro who has to unravel the conspiracy behind his banishment years earlier.

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Wild Romance Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N3tAI6PTDA
(Has finale chapter spoilers)

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1. Shinada’s Expressive Intro 00:00
2. Shinada’s Scrappy Combat 07:01
3. Shinada’s Penniless Pockets 11:05
4. Shinada’s Intro Outro 15:38
5. Shinada’s Large Arsenal 17:55
6. Shinada’s Lost Dream 20:33
7. Shinada’s Other Drama 23:24
8. Shinada’s Rooftop Rendezvous 35:07
9. Shinada’s Pretentious Master 39:19
10. Shinada’s Mystery Deepens: The Uno Hunt 42:08
11. Shinada’s Dockland Jank 52:46
12. Shinada’s Assorted Substories 01:00:46
13. Shinada’s Cochin Cup 01:06:13
14. Shinada’s Serious Remix 01:09:01
15. Shinada’s Final Showdowns 01:19:20

Why Yakuza 5 Is the Best Game in the Series

Find out why I picked this incredibly clickbaity title for Yakuza 5 and other captivating revelations as I try to defend it in under five minutes!

Footage by SilentProtag: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9gycYmNv3NfxP0jWIgiWPQ
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