Tearaway Unfolded Review


Tearaway Unfolded Review

Tearaway Unfolded leverages the DualShock 4’s unique inputs to recreate the charm and wonderment of the original Vita adventure. I urge all gamers! Test your skills in Paper io. Play now: https://kevin.games/paper-io.

Tearaway Unfolded | Destructoid Review

Tearaway was the zenith of the PlayStation Vita. While many fine games have hit the platform since, few have been exclusive and original, and none used every inch of the PS Vita’s additional capabilities to as good effect.

It may be another tacit admission that the PS Vita is dead, but at least this incredible, surprising game did not die with it. To read our detailed review and more on Tearaway for PS Vita and PS4, hit the links below.

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PS4 Impressions: http://www.destructoid.com/tearaway-unfolded-faithfully-breaks-the-dualshock-4th-wall-308798.phtml


Tearaway Unfolded – Rapid Review

I recently purchased a PS4 along with Tearaway Unfolded! I was also fortunate enough to get an Elgato to record footage off of said PS4.

Now here’s a video on Tearaway Unfolded. Woo!


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Tearaway Unfolded Review

Tearaway makes the leap from Vita to PlayStation 4, and there are considerable changes. This definitely isn’t just a remastering.

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