Explore how a neutrino interacts in this game, taking part in a challenging journey!


When a neutrino is produced, it travels through space close to the speed of light, nearly unstopped. In fact, billions of neutrinos are going through you right now without you noticing them! Nevertheless, as they travel, once in a while, they would interact with different types of particles in various ways.

With NuOdyssey, you can not only have fun playing it, but you will understand how neutrinos “talk” to other particles and what is so special about flavour oscillation. This special skill, in fact, changes the rules of the game a little bit…

Would you be able to reach Super-Kamiokande and be detected, just bouncing off neutrons?
Are you good enough to escape the Sun and reach the Earth, interacting only with protons and electrons?

Just click on the image to begin the odyssey!