Experience the NeutrinoScope  and turn your iPhone or iPad into a neutrino sources detector!


Without us knowing it, billions of very small, almost weightless particles are passing through and travelling around us every second – they are called neutrinosPhysicists know that neutrinos exist thanks to very large and complex detectors, but these particles are not rare. In fact, most natural objects emit neutrinos: every second, your own body fires off around 8000 of them!

NeutrinoScope, an iOS app developed by Cambridge Consultants, uses augmented reality (AR) to give us a glimpse into a world where we can see the invisible and learn all about these peculiar particles. Download NeutrinoScope for free today from the Apple App Store

Playing with the app, we invite you to explore the sources of neutrinos around you. First, you can see simulations of some of the most important sources of neutrinos: the Sun, the atmosphere, and radioactivityThen, turn the camera on the world around you! As you pan around, you will see the known sources of neutrinos in your current location. What can you find?

NeutrinoScope has been designed for all types of users, from people with a deep interest in science or those just curious about the world around them, to teachers looking for an exciting way to educate others in physics. NeutrinoScope creates a real-world visualisation of neutrinos, enabling users to learn key facts about their properties and sources.

Use your smartphone or tablet to download NeutrinoScope for iOS, or click the QR code