Galerians: Ash


Galerians: Ash

Galerians: Ash could have been something special, but as it stands, it doesn’t really live up to its potential.

Galerians: Ash – 054

Another happy ending. ; P

Rion’s had such a joyful existance. o_O

Took a few days to get these all up but it was great practice at working with video and audio using the advanced programs. I really liked the Galerians series. They were very dark and mature with cool characters. I think they could have done Ash a lot better though. Aside from the cool boss battles the rest of the game play was meh. They did the movies really well though. They are the same quality as the Rion dvd movie. So those of you that have seen it get to see what happened next. I highly doubt they’ll make an Ash dvd but maybe they could make a manga version and improve the story.

Galerians: Ash – 01 (This bad trip begins)

Let me show you a survival horror game that’s a little different from the rest.

Worst Ever Sequel? | Galerians: Ash


I have never been as disappointed in, or upset by, a video game as I was by the train wreck that is Galerians: Ash.

Put it this way, I finished Sonic 06 – including Silver’s campaign. I can’t bring myself to finish Galerians: Ash.

I was so ridiculously excited to discover a sequel to my favourite obscure PS1 hidden gem. Sadly, when I got home and played it, all I felt was heartbreak and betrayal.

This game is quite possibly the worst sequel I’ve ever played, and I’d like to take around 20 minutes of your time to tell you why.

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