We are taking part to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London, with a joint force of Universities and Institutes from all over the UK.

Come and visit us, from Monday the 2nd to Sunday the 8th of July, at the Royal Society in London (more info here and here).

At our stand you will have the chance to play with augmented and virtual reality to understand the physics of little, tiny particles that permeate the Universe. What makes these particles special is that they are absolutely everywhere, but at the same time (almost) impossible to see.

They are like ghosts in the Universe, and we physicists call them neutrinos. We will also have a real particle detector used to detect neutrinos and an interactive model of one of the most fascinating experiment, currently running in Japan.

You are welcome to browse our website if you want to learn more about neutrino physics and our exhibits.

For those who cannot wait, the video below summarises some of it.

Last summer, the IPPP brought another exhibition to the Summer Science Exhibition,  called Modelling the Invisible, where the visitors were  able to use simulations built by us in order to solve physical problems in the same way researchers do.

The public learnt the importance of Monte Carlo simulations for theories, like the Standard Model, and experiments, like Dark Matter detectors.

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